Preferred by Pets first opened in 1991 at a nearby location on Voltaire Street.  In 1994, Jessica's parents Gary and Margie purchased the business from the original owners. Jessica and her parents went to grooming school during the transition, and Jessica has been grooming dogs and cats ever since.  As a member of International Professional Groomers (IPG), Jessica holds the designation

Advanced Professional Groomer.  Ongoing education is emphasized, and all staff members attend classes regularly to keep up with the highest standards in the industry.

A little history

   Preferred by Pets


Cat Grooming

Dog Grooming

Wash & Go Service

Walk-in Mani-Pedi

Mobile Mani-Pedi

Bathing & Drying

Skin & Coat Conditioning


Brushing & Combing

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trimming & Filing

Flea shampoo

Medicated Bathing

Anti-Itch Treatments

Shed-Reduction Packages

De-Skunking Packages

Teeth Brushing for dogs